The Future Ammonia Industry for Clean Energy

Gray Joshua
2 min readJun 4, 2021

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The chemical production industries have become aware of the opening of several industries that are working on green ammonia. It is a method of producing ammonia in which hydrogen produced from water electrolysis and fueled by renewable energy replaces hydrocarbon-based hydrogen. The production of green ammonia is effectively eliminating carbon dioxide emissions. These ammonia industries also developed in carbon capture and recycling to reduce the carbon footprint of traditional ammonia use. It focuses on providing large and medium-sized ammonia producing power plants for industry, manufacturing, heavy equipment operators, maritime & shipping. (1) It’s time to use the term ammonia production that could possibly preserve a livable planet through producing clean energy.

In this age, the world is already in the middle of a climate crisis. When it comes to ammonia production, we need an advanced green ammonia production industry that could possibly become the most innovative industry in combating the climate emergency. Because of that, by 2025, the ammonia market worldwide is expected to reach approximately $81.42 billion. (2) Expand your knowledge and see why the ammonia industries could be a major game-changer.

However, creating an ammonia fuel industry would be difficult. Its market approaches could also set it apart from any other clean energy disruptor. It focuses on manufacturing scalable modular ammonia production units. These industries plan to target the developing Ammonia-powered maritime industry and plans to deploy units at maritime ports for transportation and fuel for ships. It also plans on strategically placing these units close to power generation stations that require ammonia to safely transport hydrogen. Green ammonia should have to be evaluated by governments and industries as this might possibly worth the effort. Ammonia has been granted a name by itself. Check disclaimer on profile.

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