Gold and Copper Exploration: Taking a Dynamic and Global Approach

Gray Joshua
3 min readAug 26, 2021


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Gold values get the largest attention, but gold is in fact only a small part of the metals and mining sector. Mining industries also have to contend with environmental regulations, which are likely to become more stringent in the future. Higher taxes might cause some to reduce or stop production. Some categories, countries, and regions could adapt to these circumstances better than others. In precious metals, silver, as well as gold, is seen as declining in value through 2030, while platinum is anticipated to improve. Notably, platinum straddles both the decorative and industrial categories. It is used to make medical and laboratory instruments, among other products. Industrial metals, such as copper and steel, could continue to be tied to economic development in China and India, even with the major U.S. infrastructure program.

In fact, several of the top global mining industries are majority-owned in China, India, or Brazil. Their influence on commodity metal and mining commodity values might be considerable. In line with this, these other realms just announced the mobilization of the drilling program at their 100% owned Feni Island Copper-Gold proposal has commenced with equipment and key team members now on-site and drilling. Feni Island has almost 650,000 oz Au Inferred Resource and is in a Tier 1 region along a mineral belt containing the world-class Simberi, Lihir, and Panguna gold and copper projects. The proposal hosts a number of spectacular targets. (1) Mining underpins our entire existence, from manufacturing to construction, household appliances, transport, and the digital technologies that make modern society run. Have you ever think of the mining industry as a driving force in our journey to success? Perhaps this is a little daunting to you. If so, let’s take a leap! Strive and seek reality by following this eye-opening link.

Copper has been an extremely useful metal throughout history thanks to its high thermal and electrical conductivity. Today, about half of the world’s production of copper is used for electrical requirements. One reason copper is so widely used is that it could be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its chemical or physical properties. Recycled, or secondary, copper is indistinguishable from primary copper, and the production process consumes much less energy. Recycling copper extends its useful life, so much so that, as reported on, around 75% of copper produced since 1900 is still in use. Because recycled copper retains its electrical conductivity, it not only helps develop energy efficiency in many power systems but the copper recycling process consumes up to roughly 85% less energy than its primary production, representing an annual savings of more or less 40 million tons of CO2

In many renewable energy systems, nearly 12-times more copper is used than in traditional systems to ensure efficiency. Achieving cutting-edge innovation might also depend on collaboration across five strategic levers: policy and programs, industry networks, capital enablers, future knowledge, and an open mindset. Talking across the board, relative to their peer group, the recently listed sectors remain one of the largest compelling value propositions based on a market capitalization to resource metric. (2) Ready for the next big gold and copper discovery? Grab the chance to know the hub of exploration! You probably came here looking for something essential, yet reading this page could mean everything! Let’s start the ball rolling, begin your journey in finding the heart of the mining industry in this thrilling section.

A zero-emission copper mine of the future might be significantly different from the current copper mining system and could require fundamental changes in how the mine sources, consumes and abates energy. While digitalization tools and technologies are rapidly being developed and have the potential to make mining more efficient and sustainable, the implementation of these is far from universal. Break some ice! Keep on wiping away the gloomy and blurry shadow to have a better reflection of the global copper and gold market’s future!

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