Eliminating Non-renewable Driven Energy Production

Gray Joshua
3 min readSep 14, 2021

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Governments all over the United States developed a sustainable solution for pollution-driven infrastructure. The country’s Build Back Better Policy might promote clean energy generation and employment potential. The goal is to reach carbon neutrality in the future. Achieving this goal requires the development of a renewable energy electric grid. When sourcing a potential 100% of our energy from non-carbon emitting sources, we could significantly reduce the enhanced greenhouse effect and climate change. Establishing the transition towards a clean electric grid required our adoption of large scale lithium ion batteries. (1) No one is entirely sure how much fossil fuels the world has left. Get a move on the pace of innovation with this rare metal, lithium. There’s good news about these articles that might heave your spirits. Here, you might see the world in the near future!

By 2030, the world could see approximately 125 million EVs on the road, only driving further need for lithium supply. In fact, according to Resource World, it is anticipated that the needs for vehicle battery metal might heighten sharply over the next several years as automakers abandon internal combustion engines for electric vehicles (EVs). Unfortunately, there’s just not enough lithium supply. Even the International Energy Agency just warned that at least nearly 30 times as much lithium, nickel, and other key minerals might be required by the electric car industry by 2040 to meet global climate targets. That’s where these lithium exploration sectors could play a critical role. Especially when you consider its robust operations in Nevada- arguably the hottest North American jurisdiction for lithium exploration.

As decarbonization has become the polarizing trend of 2021, these other sectors are focused on unlocking value in a world shifting towards green energy solutions that run off lithium-based batteries. Their goal is to become a leader in exploration and development of world-class lithium and battery metal mining assets. Additionally, these other sectors noted recently that their property consists of approximately 283 unpatented placer claims. According to a draft National Instrument technical report being prepared for these other sectors, their property could potentially host both lithium brine and lithium sedimentary deposits, subject to exploration success. (2) It’s time to bring back lithium. You see, lithium could easily run into a massive supply crunch. All thanks to EV vending that is moving much faster than anyone forecasted. See it for yourself here!

Ultimately, lithium might be the future of power. By eliminating non-renewable energy uses, considering the use of lithium might assist in reducing the global temperature by two degrees Celsius before pre-industrial levels. Community efforts and government-established regulations could assist society convert away from dirty power sources to clean ones. In addition, various high-emission industries must adopt alternative fueling methods, significantly reducing global carbon emissions. Even though lithium ion batteries pose some adverse environmental impacts, renewable energy sourcing is more sustainable than dirty power. As technology advances, we could discover new ways of eliminating the energy industry’s effects.

When you expend in a residential solar panel system with battery storage, you significantly shrink your carbon footprint and eliminate your utility costs. Adopting energy-efficient home appliances and a sustainable lifestyle could support ecological conservation in a solar-powered house. Many individuals feel resistant to solar acquisition because of specific environmental impacts, and they could dissipate as sustainable infrastructure advances. For more EVs and fuel cells stories, unlock some eccentric insights with this topic!

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