Global Ammonia Production: Empowering a Clean Industrial Future

Gray Joshua
2 min readMay 28, 2021

Ammonia is a colorless gas with a distinct odor. It is a building-block chemical that is used in the production of many daily necessities. It occurs naturally in the environment including the air, soil, and water, as well as in plants and animals, including humans. It is also naturally renewed as part of the nitrogen cycle which occurs when plants fertilize. Ammonia does not bioaccumulate and does not last long in the environment as a result of natural processes. Check the disclaimer on my profile. In addition, ammonia might have nearly 1.5X energy density of Hydrogen, and it could be stored at approximately -33C compared to around -253C required for Hydrogen. It is less flammable, easier to transport, and more cost-effective. The global ammonia market could become potential of approximately $81.42 billion industry by 2025. (1) Ammonia could create a significant impact in combating the climate emergency!

Communities all over the world are uniting together to reduce carbon emissions and protect our planet. A ‘climate emergency’ is defined as the combination of a global alarm bell sounding for our planet’s environmental state and an increase in extreme climate events. This emergency reflects climate change and its vast and devastating consequences which include coastal flooding, increasing global temperatures, increased wildfires and droughts, and mass forced human displacement. sponsored post. There is no single cause or actor to blame for the global environmental disaster. Furthermore, these other companies focus on providing large and medium-sized ammonia producing power plants for industry, manufacturing, heavy equipment operators, maritime, and shipping. These other companies are also powered by a leadership team of experts with successful track records. (2) These other companies could have eminent potential in transforming the clean energy environment and could prevent dreadful situations caused by climate emergency!

Many civil movements emerged in the last decade, calling for changes in human behavior toward the environment. The planet is experiencing extreme degradation and destruction of its environments and ecosystems which might have an impact on humans and all living things on the planet. Just as humans feel too many environmental disasters are happening, with these continuous and extreme climate phenomena, scientists all over the world have determined that humans are the primary cause of these environmental disruptions and as a result, it is possible to mitigate the emergency. Let’s help preserve our mother earth and get bright ideas here!

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